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                       Audiology & Speech Language Pathology


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Current Issue: September 2016 - Volume.20 - Issue.2


September 2016 / volume.20 number.2

Review < 59-67>

Crosscheck Principle in Pediatric Audiology Today: A 40-Year Perspective

James W. Hall III


Review < 68-72>

How to Avoid Facial Nerve Injury in Mastoidectomy?

Nam-Gyu Ryu; and Jin Kim


Original Article < 73-9>

Preferences to Patient-Centeredness in Pre-Service Speech and Hearing Sciences Students: A Cross-Sectional Study

Ashley L. Dockens1;Monica L. Bellon-Harn1; and Vinaya Manchaiah1,2,3;


Original Articl < 80-4>

The Band-Importance Function for the Korean Standard Sentence Lists for Adults

In-Ki Jin1;Junghak Lee2;Kyoungwon Lee2;Jinsook Kim1;Dongwook Kim3;Junil Sohn3; and Kyung-Ju Lee4;


Original Article < 85-9>

Clinical Correlation between Perverted Nystagmus and Brain MRI Abnormal Findings

Won-Gue Han;Hee-Chul Yoon;Tae-Min Kim;Yoon Chan Rah; and June Choi


Original Article < 90-6>

Effect of Tianeptine on Depressed Tinnitus Patients

Soo Min Hwang1;Sae Hee Lim1;Dong Ju Oh1;Sung Kyun Kim2;Hak Hyun Jung1; and Gi Jung Im1;


Original Article < 97-101>

Age-Related Maturation of Wave V Latency of Auditory Brainstem Response in Children

Mukesh Sharma1,2;Sampan Singh Bist2; and Santosh Kumar1,2;


Original Article < 102-8>

Effects of an Auditory Lateralization Training in Children Suspected to Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Yones Lotfi1;Abdollah Moosavi2;Farzaneh Zamiri Abdollahi3;Enayatollah Bakhshi4; and Hamed Sadjedi5;


Brief Communication < 109-13>

A Systematic Review of Audiology Terminology

Soo Hee Oh1; and Junghak Lee2;


Brief Communication < 114-9>

A Systematic Approach to Find a Professional Audiology Clinic: Patient-Based Information

Gungu Kim1;Gibbeum Kim1;Wondo Na1; and Woojae Han2;


Case Report < 120-2>

Is a Solitary Fibrous Tumor in the External Auditory Canal Benign?

Chi-Kyou Lee1; and Hyun Ju Lee2;


Case Report < 123-6>

A Case of Bruxism-Induced Otalgia

Se-Hyung Kim